Automatic Tool-Triggering

The convenience of automatic tool-triggering.

Automatic tool triggering is typically an onboard sensor that recognizes when a tool is turned on, and it initiates the dust extraction process without the need to manually turn the machine on/off. This is particularly useful when the distance between the vacuum and the tool is more than a few feet apart or when you are starting/stopping the tool frequently. By eliminating the need to walk back and forth or to continually bend up and down to turn the extractor on/off, you can focus on the task at hand more efficiently, and reduce the noise associated with continuously running the vacuum system.

Automatic tool triggering

With the flip of a switch, the trigger of your power tool, when plugged into the dust extractor, gives you fast and easy dust removal at the source. No need to load up wall outlets with cords or run back to your vacuum to turn it on and off. One cord plugs into the wall, and your tool plugs into the extractor. No more bending down or running back and forth to turn the vacuum on and off.