Easy on your ears and your client's ears.

Most manufacturers rate their systems in decibels (dB). But how can you estimate just how loud that dust extractor is going to be without taking it to your shop, and plugging it in? Without going into a long physics discussion, as a general rule you can estimate that the perceived volume of a device will be twice as loud for every 10dB difference. So, a system rated at 80dB will sound twice as loud as one rated at 70dB. Also, systems with a lower pitch and the same dB will sound softer to the ear. Below, you’ll find a simple chart to give you an idea of decibel levels of common objects to make it easier to understand what we are talking about.

Type of Sound Decibels
Breathing 10
Whisper 20
Conversation 50
Restaurant 60
Festool CTs (Low Setting) 62
Vacuum cleaner 70
Festool CTs (High Setting) 72
Freight train @ 50' 80
Power lawn mower 100
Chain saw 110
Thunder 120
Jet takeoff @ 300' 130

There are days where you may work all day in close proximity to your dust extractor. Do your ears a favor and choose a unit that doesn't loudly whine at a high pitch.

Low noise level

Lightweight. Comfortable to carry.

A well designed dust extractor should be easy to lift with a handle positioned on top and approximately 7"-9" away from the body when held to your side. This is the most natural position for lifting. Look for brands that offer different sized models, so you can select the one that fits your specific application. If you find yourself climbing in and out of attics, a small, light vacuum would be useful. If you spend most of your time in an open shop, capacity might be more important. Select a machine that is the right size for 90% of your needs. If you find yourself split between multiple environments, it might be wise to invest in two separate extractors to ensure optimal efficiency.

Lightweight and portable

The Festool system-based approach to jobsite fabrication solutions can offer new levels of versatility and efficiency to your application. A major element of this approach is exceptional mobility that doesn't compromise your high standards for tool performance. And with Festool portable dust extractors, everything is mobile. Capture dust where it is being made anywhere, anytime.

Low center of gravity, a parking brake and non-marring wheels.

Festool dust extractors are designed with a low center of gravity to prevent inadvertent tipping. Many other manufacturers' units are not designed in this way and tipping could result in costly damage to the vacuum or to your client's floors.

An easy-to-use, conveniently located parking brake offers peace of mind to prevent your Festool dust extractor from rolling down stairs or moving during transport in your vehicle.

Festool CT dust extractors feature larger-than-average wheels, making it easy to maneuver over bumpy terrain with ease. The wheels are coated in a rubber-like, non-marring material to protect your clients' floors from damage and abrasion.

Integrated parking brake