EPA RRP Full Unit Certified Dust Extractor Vacuums

RRP Full Unit Certified HEPA Vacuums

Only a Full Unit Certified HEPA dust extractor meets the EPA RRP regulation guidelines, protecting you from expensive fines! All current Festool CT Dust Extractor models have been independently tested and certified to be FULL UNIT HEPA Dust Extractors. When you purchase a new Festool CT Dust Extractor, regardless of model, you will find a printed certificate in the box as well as labeling on the dust extractor documenting its Full Unit HEPA certification. If your current vacuum only has a HEPA filter and is not Full Unit HEPA Certified, then you are at risk of being cited for noncompliance with EPA RRP regulations. Simply put, there's absolutely no substitute for Full Unit HEPA Certification when using your vacuum for RRP.

A HEPA filter is only as good as its seal with the vacuum.

If you did not receive a printed certificate, please read below for instructions on how to obtain your certification.

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So what's the big deal about Full Unit HEPA Certification?

If you are a remodeler who does RRP work, you want a dust extractor that is going to protect you from being fined for non-compliance with RRP regulations. While there are other manufacturers who meet only a portion of the RRP regulations that require a HEPA filter, you need to make sure the manufacture also meets the requirement for "no bypass leakage". This is very important, but easily overlooked, portion of the regulations could cause you to get smacked with hefty fines! If you're using a Festool CT HEPA Dust Extractor, you can perform RRP tasks with the confidence that you've chosen a vacuum that fully complies with the RRP regulations.

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What do the EPA's RRP instructors and inspectors think about Festool's claims of Full Unit HEPA Certification?

There's little doubt that RRP inspectors will see Festool's Full Unit HEPA Certification as the standard by which all other manufacturers are measured. After all, this certification fully meets all of the requirements of the RRP regulations when other manufacturers' vacuums only meet a portion of the requirements. Here's what Bill Robinson, an EPA RRP instructor, had to say about it:

"I've been using the Festool CT 26 for over a year, and I can tell you that as a contractor, consultant and RRP instructor I'm very excited to know that I can use my CT dust extractor and Festool sanders to comply with the EPA regulations regarding containment, collection and cleaning of lead dust particles. And not only does it meet these very strict regulations, but it's built sturdy and sized for easy transport to and from the jobsite."

In the process of saving New Orleans windows, Bill earned his certification to teach the EPA RRP class. And he brings that understanding of the RRP Rule to his window restoration sessions.

Full Unit HEPA Certified for RRP

Tell me more about the EPA RRP guidelines and how Festool fully complies with them.

In April 2008 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted a rule regarding Lead paint know as Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP), 40 CFR Part 745. This rule covers the practices of renovation such as sanding, cutting, and demolition that may disturb surfaces containing lead-based paint, which has been found to be harmful to adults and children. Any firm performing renovation, repair, or painting projects that disturbs lead-based paint in pre-1978 homes, child care facilities, and schools must be trained and certified by EPA-approved training providers.

The EPA RRP guidelines outline many practices related to the above activities. Some of those practices require the use of HEPA exhaust control and HEPA vacuums. The specific guidance of the RRP defines a HEPA vacuum with this verbiage:

"HEPA vacuum means a vacuum cleaner which has been designed with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter as the last filtration stage. A HEPA filter is a filter that is capable of capturing particles of 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. The vacuum cleaner must be designed so that all the air drawn into the machine is expelled through the HEPA filter with none of the air leaking past it."

Festool has exhaustively tested its CT Dust Extractors to the strictest standards (IES RP-CC-002, IES-RP-CC-0034.1) to ensure that our units not only filter particles to 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency, but also that the seal between the filter and the vacuum does not allow for bypass leakage. We feel that this measure was important, not only to follow the letter of the definition but also to ensure the highest level of protection for the user. Effective October 2011, all Festool CT Dust Extractors (CT MINI, CT MIDI, CT 26, CT 36, & CT 48) will be shipped as Certified Full Unit HEPA Dust Extractors, in accordance with these standards.

To maintain Full Unit Certification on any Festool CT Dust Extractor (CT MINI, CT MIDI, CT 26, CT 36, & CT 48), the customer must use a Festool branded HEPA filter, following manufacturer guidelines on service and replacement.


Are there any other important considerations?

Yes, the ruling also requires the use of a beater bar when vacuuming carpets and rugs. Festool offers the Turbo Suction Beater Bar (product number 450644) which is much less expensive than many other beater brushes on the market. Its unique design allows the beater to be powered by the suction force rather than a motor. Don't be misled though, the beater brush action is very vigorous and powerful, even on high pile carpet.

Another important consideration is that Festool's filter bags are designed with an integrated closing mechanism. Simply remove the bag and slide the closing mechanism to seal the bag to prevent spilling. Easy disposal without a mess.

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HEPA Certified Vacuums

The photos above are for illustrative purposes only and do not purport to be examples of proper RRP practices. The Festool CT AutoClean (AC) Dust Extractor has not been tested for and should not be used for RRP tasks.